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Life.. Either an upstream battle or a ride of your life...

I went to a reader years ago and they showed me a the picture that depicted me at that time. It was a woman on a boat paddling upstream. The lesson was either continue the fight or let go and go with it. For years I have kept the vision of that card in my mind. Everything changes and our perception can change minute by minute. It's an actual choice, look at the worst or try and see the positive. It totally depends on our thinking habits. My artistry has been innate my entire life. I expressed it through bath and body product ideation and development, dance and music, and than the creation of my dance and fitness center only to find myself working on canvas these days. Ask me if I can draw? A tree, flower, stick figures... The idea that I would be painting beautiful works of art was not considered in the slightest. So here we are.. My work is now on the contemporary floor amongst fabulous fashions and has been exhibited in "The Gallery" for over two months now. Another example of how I need to refrain from trying to push my agenda (exhausting) and let things play out. I wish I can at least have a say in timing. Ahhh Life. #grateful #liveyourdreams #knowyourpassions

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