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A native New Yorker.  I have enjoyed a lucrative career as a creator/innovator of bath, body and wellness brands/products for Fortune 500 beauty companies, working with some of the most respected individuals in the beauty industry.  
In 2003, I switched gears to spend time with my young son while creating a dream business that would enable me to live and breath music, dance and art. 
Tapping into the creative people I worked with in NYC, we designed and built a 6,000 sq. ft studio in a historic landmark building located on the Hudson River. The space was raw with steel beams, exposed brick and cement walls. We kept the integrity of the natural surfaces and combined lots of color to create a gorgeous space that embraced all who entered. "The Loft" was a multi-cultural dance/fitness/art studio that embraced dance and music from all cultures with  art installations throughout. An amazing chapter in my life. 

What do you do after you have built, worked and lived your dream? DIG DEEP AND CREATE NEW ONES!


Thank you for visiting!

Jacqueline Bouet

"If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life" - Confucius

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