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The night Irma came to my door!

As the gusts picked up and the lights started to flicker, this eery, out of control feeling evaded my entire body. With each gust I could feel my condo shake. Communications to the outside world was gone. It was pitch black as everyone in my community lost power except for ME.. Yippie. Apparently there are a few of us on a separate grid. It had been a crazy couple of days building up to this event. I was at times, helpless (trying to get plywood, no truck little old me) trying to secure my home as best as I could. Not to mention three days prior to Irma arriving, my son became very ill and was admitted to the hospital at an ungodly hour in the am. No Sleep, kid sick, hospital the worst, playing doctor and securing environment for impending storm, I painted IRMA in the sanctuary of my home with the gusts bending the trees like a slingshot, branches flying but I had light and I found peace in focusing on color, movement, design till I was up to my elbows in paint, literally. I was home.

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